Monoblock PC|MICROSOFT|Surface Studio 2|All in One|CPU Core i7|i7-7820HQ|2900 MHz|Screen 28"|Touchscreen|RAM 32GB|DDR4|SSD 1TB|G

Rise above the ordinary New Surface Studio 2 Where creativity begins Fuel your creativity with brilliant color, blazing graphics, and fast processors. Intuitive tools and the adjustable 28” touchscreen free your ideas to flow.

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The NewStar tablet holder, model TABLET-D150SILVER, anti-theft tablet desk stand with lock, is designed for securely displaying in the public. Width and height adjustable panel allows to install iPad 1/2/3/4/Air, most 7.9”-10.5” Galaxy and other tablets.  This desk stand is a great choice for space saving placement or when wall-, ceiling mounting or floor...

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