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Notebook|ASUS|ROG|GU603ZX-K8022W|CPU i9-12900H|2500 MHz|16"|2560x1600|RAM 32GB|DDR5|4800 MHz|SSD 2TB|NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti|

Gaming|ROG|GU603ZX-K8022W|CPU Core i9|i9-12900H|2500 MHz|Chipset Intel HM570 Express|Screen 16"|Resolution 2560x1600|Screen type Non-Glare IPS 165Hz|RAM 32GB|Memory slots 2|DDR4|Frequency speed 4800 MHz|SSD 2TB|Graphics Discrete|VGA card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti|16GB|LAN Gigabit|Keyboard ENG|Keyboard backlight|4 cells|1xHDMI|1xAudio-Out|2xUSB 3.2|1xUSB...

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Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU
  • Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU
  • Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU

Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU

FGS-214 ZW5
Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU
57,08 €
Доставка 1-5 раб.дня


Fibaro Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU

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FGS-214 ZW5
2 шт.


24 month(s)
Special features
Works with various types of switches and buttons Supports Z-Wave network Security Modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 Authenticated with PRNG-based encryption Works as a Z-Wave signal repeater (all non-battery operated devices within the network will
Net weight
0.02 kg
Gross weight
0.05 kg
Packing quantity
1.00 pc(s)
Volume (m3)
0.000130975 m
Tare weight (kg)
0.03 kg
Gross depth (mm)
65.00 mm
Gross width (mm)
31 mm
Gross height (mm)
65 mm
WEEE tax
20.00 g
Embeeded battery
Other features
The remotely operated FIBARO Smart Module and Double Smart Module are designed to turn electrical devices or circuits on and off Smart Module (FGS-214) allows to control one device or circuit and the Double Smart Module (FGS-224) allows to control two dev
Plastic (No PET)
10.00 g
Producer product family
Smart Module, Z-Wave Plus EU
Technical features
Power supply: 100-240V Smart Module (FGS-214): 6.5A, Double Smart Module (FGS-224): 6A per one channel, 9.5A total Compatible with resistive or incandescent load Active element: micro-gap relay Maximum length of wires: 3 m Recommended 0.2 2.0 mm2 wire cro

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